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Clear skies in Riau, Indonesia on 16th September 2016. A first after 18 years of annual haze.

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Rehabilitation in Raja Musa Forest Reserve_IPC 2016

Are you managing fire prone lands in Southeast Asia? Each day, satellite imagery provides us information on hotspots in the ASEAN region. We are currently monitoring hotspot occurrences for 615 land parcels covering 275,507,592 sq km of the ASEAN region and able to alert you whenever an area of interest to you has one or more hotspot/s.

Click on http://www.aseanfirealert.org to download the app and register your free account.


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Govt Shuts Down Three Plantation Operations After Flawed Police Investigations - 22 Sep, 2016
Jakarta. The government has permanently revoked the operating permits of three of 15 plantation companies previously under police investigations for alleged land burning in the province of Riau, a minister said on Thursday (22/09). Read more...

22 Hotspots Detected In Sumatra - 21 Sep, 2016
Of the 22 hotspots, nine were found in North Sumatra, four in South Sumatra, three in Bangka Belitung, two each in Jambi and Lampung, and one each in West Sumatra and Bengkulu. Riau, which has declared a forest-fire emergency, had no hotspots thanks to intensified measures against forest fires carried out in the province. Read more...

Nothing to See Here: Southeast Asia Flummoxed by Haze Study - 21 Sep, 2016
Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean authorities have dismissed research that smoky haze from catastrophic forest fires in Indonesia last year caused 100,000 deaths. Some even contend the haze caused no serious health problems, but experts say those assertions contradict well-established science. Read more...

Malaysia questions Harvard study on haze - 21 Sep, 2016
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia's health minister Dr S Subramaniam has questioned on Wednesday (Sep 21) the Harvard study that claimed there were 6,500 premature deaths in Malaysia during the 2015 Southeast Asian haze crisis. Read more...

Poverty, haze prevent ASEAN from reaching SDGs - 20 Sep, 2016
Extensive poverty and air pollution are among obstacles faced by ASEAN to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) one year after being adopted by world leaders. Read more...

SE Asian governments dismiss finding that 2015 haze killed 100,300 - 20 Sep, 2016
Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean officials respond to a new study showing that last year’s fire and haze crisis resulted in 100,300 premature deaths. Read more...

Peatlands Survey in Lao PDR, February 2015 GEF-6 Consultation Meeting, Kuala Lumpur EU Ambassadors visit to Raja Musa Forest Reserve. More photos >>



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