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  Published Articles
Visual Title Publication Issue
It Takes a Village... Green Plus April 2018
Dark Jewels of Nature Malaysian Naturalist March 2018
Champions of Manjung's Mangroves Greenplus January 2018
Rafflesia Hunting Greenplus

December 2017

Rehabilitation of North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest

Rising to the Challenge: Malaysia's Contribution to the SDGs (book)

June 2017

New Peatland Areas Confirmed in Myanmar IPS Magazine Issue 1/2015

New Mangrove Peatlands Found in Cambodia IPS Magazine Issue 4/2014

Guardians of the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forests (7Mb) IPS Magazine Issue 1/2014
ASEAN Peatlands Management Strategy 2006-2020: Promoting sustainable management of peatlands in Southeast Asia ASEAN Biodiversity

Issue Jan-Apr 2013

Peatlands: Status, Challenges and Actions in Southeast Asia ASEAN Biodiversity Issue Jan-Apr 2013
Technical Meeting on an Integrated Management Plan for Peatlands in Southeast Asia. IPS Magazine Issue 2/2012
Sharing Best Management Practices on Peatlands in Southeast Asia IPS Magazine Issue 2/2011

Regional Training of Trainers Programme for Peatland Assessment and Management and the Celebration of World Wetlands Day 2011 at Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Malaysia IPS Magazine Issue 1/2011
The Disappearing Peat Swamp Forests (translation) Pumen Magazine March 2013
Focusing the lens of Conservation:The role of Caimpugan Peatswamps in Climate Change Our Mindanao October 2012

MNS Naturalist: Fighting Fires in Raja Musa Forest Reserve

Malaysian Naturalist Issue Sept 2011