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  Lao PDR

Lao PDR is a North Mekong country flanked by Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia to the south; plus Myanmar and China in the north.

It covers 23,680,000 hectares with a  population of 5.68 million.

The climate is tropical monsoon with distinct wet and dry seasons. It receives a high annual rainfall, between 1300 and 3000 mm per year.

The peat conservation effort in Lao PDR is currently being funded by the European Union through the SEApeat project. It is implemented by the Department of Water Pollution Control.

Peat was previously not known to occur in Laos. Through this project, peatland assessment have been conducted in at least six areas namely Champasack, Attapeu, Savannakhet, Khamouane, Vientiane province and Vientiane capital. Out of 15 locations surveyed, 3 locations have been identified as peatland. They are in Phapho, Nong Phou and Nongphangdeng