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Philippines is one of four countries in the ASEAN Peatland Forests Project - APFP.  
Work on peatlands in the Philippines is in its infancy, there having been very few targeted studies on peat areas. Andriesse (1988) undertook some surveys of peatlands in the mid 1980s, including parts of the Agusan Marsh and the Visayas. The IPAS surveys in 1991 briefly described peatland near Bunawan in the Agusan Marsh, whilst surveys during the consultation workshops for this project in November and December 2005 yielded more information on additional areas of peatland in the Agusan Marsh and the Leyte Sab-a Basin peatland. This included a possible peat dome at Caimpugan in the Agusan Marsh, the first peat dome to be described for the Philippines. However, these have mostly been brief studies and there has been very little or no work on the flora and fauna of the peatlands, nor their hydrology or pedology. There is little doubt that there are other areas of peatlands waiting to be described.  




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Climate Change Adaptation:

Best Practices in the Philippines


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The role of Caimpugan Peatswamps in Climate Change



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