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Vietnam is one of four countries in the ASEAN Peatland Forests Project - APFP.


The objectives of this GEF project have been designed in response to the objectives of the APMI which provides a regional framework for the conservation and sustainable use of peatlands in Southeast Asia. Under the initiative, Vietnam is developing a comprehensive management strategy and action plan for the management of its peatlands. The APMI also strengthens information exchange between Southeast Asian countries, promotes regional partnerships between individuals and agencies working on peatlands; and links on-going projects on peatlands within the Southeast Asian countries.

A peatland management strategy and a National Action Plan will address sustainable management of peatlands in Vietnam for the longer term. The National Action Plan is being designed through collaboration with the ASEC and GEC. It will address four main issues i.e. strengthening national capacity, supporting actions to minimise peatland degradation, demonstrating restoration options and sustainable management strategies and empowering local communities to take the lead in resource management. The National Action Plan for peatlands will identify and initiate activities at national and local levels, as well as provide support for information exchange in a regionally coordinated multi-country project.

A draft NAP matrix was designed during the PDF-B phase and circulated within Vietnam for discussion. It was discussed at the Second PPPWG meeting in Indonesia and subsequently finalised. The final draft is awaiting by the relevant government agencies in Vietnam.

Distribution and Status of Peatlands
Value of Peatlands
Threats faced by Peatlands


Biodiversity in U Minh Thuong National Park (in Vietnamese)

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