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  Archival Data - Dryness Indices

ASEAN Region - Daily Dryness Measurements archival data are displayed below.  Note that not all indices are available for all Asean regions. Our folder naming notation indicates regions with available data. Indices used include:

  • BUI - Build Up Index
  • DMC - Duff Moisture Code
  • DC - Drought Code
  • FFMC - Fine Fuel Moisture Code
  • FWI - Fire Weather Index
  • ISI - Initial Spread Index

AFDRS (Asean Fire Danger Rating System) maps are also available (from end-August, 2014 onwards).
The AFDRS maps are in kmz file formats (large ~17MBytes), with overlays showing ASEAN peatland regions, as well as country boundaries, apart from FDRS regions.

Files are organized as:-  Daily Index type & Region > Year Month > Day (YYYYMMDD_mmmm)

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