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RMOL. Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG) Indonesia bersama Hutan Kita Institute (HAKI) melaksanakan Workshop Tata Kelola Gam...
Peatland restoration
29-Sep-2004 Strategi Nasional dan Rencana Aksi Pengelolaan Lahan Basah Indonesia
28-Feb-2013 1 Share print Guide for filing complaints on rule-breaking by palm oil companies published
Over the past 25 years palm oil production has emerged as one of the biggest drivers of deforestation and...
13-Apr-2013 JCN Indonesia to Continue The Moratorium of Primary and Peat Forest Conversion
The Minister of Forestry, Zulkifli Hasan, once again asserted the commitment of Indonesia to ensure the...
22-Jun-2013 A hazy climate: Will anyone do the right thing?
The cause of the haze that is affecting Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore has not changed since then; it is...
01-Jun-2013 About 30 per cent of Badas peat swamp disturbed
Brunei Darussalam
31-May-2017 Ann Jeannette Glauber of World Bank: ‘Indonesia’s 2015 fires cost twice as much as tsunami clean-up’
Indonesia's fire and haze crisis in 2015 not only produced emissions on a daily basis exceeding that of the entire EU...
Peatland Fire and Haze
23-Sep-2016 ASEAN commends Thailand for anti-transboundary haze effort
BANGKOK, 23 September 2016 (NNT) – The Pollution Control Department is moving ahead with the ASEAN Transboundary...
26-May-2017 Bomba sedia hadapi ancaman kebakaran hutan
KUALA LUMPUR: Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) bersiap sedia daripada pelbagai aspek khususnya...
01-Jul-2014 Campaign groups join forces to call for systematic restoration of mires
Peatlands, like those on Dartmoor and Exmoor, are the “UK’s rainforests”, storing hundreds of thousands of tonnes...
12-Feb-2006 Dam to protect wildlife habitat
Another dam has been built in the Drumburg Moss National Nature Reserve to retain as much water as possible in the...
Peatland Management
08-Jun-2017 Dayak activist Emmanuela Shinta: ‘We want to be heroes, not victims.’
Why an enterprising spirit is required to tackle peatland challenges on a local level
Peatlands and People
01-Jul-2014 Deforestation in Indonesia increased after moratorium: a study
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A study published by Nature Climate Change revealed that the deforestation rate in...
05-Oct-2012 Emission reduction policies must be based on accurate carbon measurements
Forest-rich countries must ensure that policies for emissions reduction programs, such as REDD+, are based on...
23-Jun-2014 Equivalent of 10,000 football pitches of peatland restored
MORE than 17,000 hectares of peatland have been restored in North Yorkshire – the equivalent of about 10,000...
02-Jul-2013 Failed $47m Peatland Carbon Reduction Plan in Indonesia
Professor Luca Tacconi from the Australian National University said loss of peatland was a major source of...
Peatland Conservation
04-Jul-2014 For peat's sake it's time to act
Wildlife and industry groups are calling on the Government to help restore areas of upland bog dubbed...
Carbon conservation
13-Nov-2006 Four Asean Members To Contribute RM180,000 Each To Haze Fund
Four countries, affected by the recent haze originating from Indonesia, have pledged to contribute RM180,000 each...
22-May-2013 Government Rejects Green Claims on Aceh Deforestation
The Forestry Ministry has denied claims by several environmental groups that 1.2 million hectares of protected...
17-May-2017 Govt allocates Rp865 billion for peatland restoration
Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government through the Peatland Restoration Board (BRG) has set...
Peatland restoration

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