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Title: Rain brings relief from haze, but causes flood
Date: 11-Oct-2006
Category: Malaysia
Source/Author: The Star (Malaysia)
Description: As the haze got thicker over the days, folks here prayed for rain to help clear the air.


KLANG: As the haze got thicker over the days, folks here prayed for rain to help clear the air. 

However, when rain did fall at 1pm yesterday, joy was mixed with some despair because the rain caused drains to clog up and the water overflowed and flooded parts of Jalan Pulasan and Jalan Tengku Kelana – popularly known as “Little India.” 

“A little rain would have been good. Unfortunately, the rain was really heavy. The drains clogged up very fast and the water just flowed into our shops,” said V. Mariamah, 46, owner of a clothes shop in Jalan Pulasan here. 

“It was difficult to save the goods on display because the water reached almost knee level within minutes.” 

She added that the whole street was chaotic as roadside traders rushed to save their goods from getting wet in the rain, which lasted an hour. 

Many shoppers were caught in the rain as well. 

Klang Municipal Council public relations officer Norhafiza Mahfiz said the council had cleared as much rubbish as possible from the drains but unfortunately some people kept throwing things into the drains. 

Klang Drainage and Irrigation Department technical assistant Jamaluddin Sharif said the sea level rose to 5.6m yesterday, compared with the 6.3m registered on Sunday when flood caused the most damage in Port Klang. 

“The sea yesterday did not flow onto land. There was no flood at all. It was the last day of the spring tide phenomenon,” said Jamaluddin.  

Kuala Selangor Municipal Council chief Haris Kasimalso expressed relief that the last day of the spring tide passed yesterday without any damage.  


Author(s) Christina Tan
Website (URL) http://www.thestar.com.my


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