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Title: Haze hits Kuala Lumpur and Selangor – Again.
Date: 02-Aug-2005
Category: Malaysia
Source/Author: Global Environment Centre
Description: Earlier this afternoon, smoke haze was noticed in parts of Selangor and KL, Malaysia. The haze may be due to possible fires in Central Sumatra, Indonesia.


Haze in the KL area and parts of Selangor have become noticeable earlier this afternoon. It is evident that the haze has progressively worsened as the day wore on. Currently, it is unknown whether other parts of Malaysia or other neighbouring areas have been affected.

After looking at recent images obtained from NEA (Singapore) dated 1st August 2005, it was discovered that hotspots were detected in the SE Asian region – particularly in Central Sumatra, northern and western tips of Borneo and in Peninsular Malaysia. According to the NOAA-16 image, close to 600 hotspots alone were detected in C. Sumatra of Indonesia yesterday. Another image from 1st August 2005 indicates that wind direction is southeast to southwest in the region. If these data remain similar today, it is likely that current smoke haze is stemming from possible (peat) fires in C. Sumatra.

For further information, refer to Haze Watch (part of Haze Online) - click here.

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Author(s) Murni Adnan

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