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17-Nov-2016 Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI)
Watch the video
17-Nov-2016 Charting a sustainable path in a land of peat, oil palm and pollution
Conservation International (CI) is tackling this problem through its Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP)...
Peat Conservation
16-Nov-2016 Predicting land subsidence in deltas
Researchers from Utrecht University, TNO and Deltares have developed a new method to quantify and predict...
Peat degradation
14-Nov-2016 Singapore company and Indonesian university develop mobile app to crowdsource haze data
JAKARTA - When the haze season comes around again next year, the public can be counted on to tackle it together.
14-Nov-2016 Indonesia-Singapore retreat to build trust
When Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo meets Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, it will be...
13-Nov-2016 Sambu Ponti Nozzle, Inovasi Alat Pemadam Api di Lahan Gambut
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Berbekal pengalamannya dalam menghadapi kebakaran lahan dan hutan selama...
Fire management
12-Nov-2016 EARTH WIRE -- Team of 13 lawyers to help Walhi in SP3 pretrial
Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - Environmentalists of the Indonesian Environmental Forum (Walhi), said they have a team of...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
12-Nov-2016 Kukar dan Kutim Jadi Rujukan Pemulihan Lahan Gambut
Masih Dibayangi Sengketa Lahan
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
11-Nov-2016 Lahan Gambut, Sumber Musibah yang Kini Bernilai Tinggi
Kementerian LHK ke Kaltim Dorong Pemulihan Alam
11-Nov-2016 COP22 Special: Why should we care about peat?
Containing almost 100 times more carbon than tropical forests, peatlands are critical in the fight against...
Peat Conservation
11-Nov-2016 Indonesia proposes three strategies in COP 22 to restore peatlands
The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) proposed three strategies to restore peatlands in Indonesia consisting...
Peatland restoration
10-Nov-2016 Govt to get locals more involved in peatland restoration
The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) should focus on engaging locals by involving them in its peatland...
09-Nov-2016 Judge turns down lawsuit on forest fire case in Riau
Citing legal technicalities, the Pekanbaru District Court turned down a lawsuit filed by a local resident demanding...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
09-Nov-2016 Reforming Indonesia's climate readiness crucial before and after Marrakesh
When more than 80 countries, Indonesia included, joined the Paris Agreement at surprising speed, it showed that...
Climate Change
09-Nov-2016 Palm oil industry under fire as Indonesia’s haze drama continues
Haze from slash-and-burn agricultural has returned to Southeast Asia this year. Is it enough to wait for regulators...
08-Nov-2016 Adenan: Unlock the secrets of tropical peat
KUCHING: Local soil scientists have been asked to overcome the scientific challenge in trying to unlock the...
08-Nov-2016 Focus on sustainable projects on peat soil
KOTA SAMARAHAN: The state government has always emphasised that development on peat soil, particularly for the palm...
08-Nov-2016 Countries told to be more ambitious at COP22
The annual UN climate change conference ( COP22 ) kicked off on Monday in Marrakech, Morocco, where...
Climate Change
07-Nov-2016 Farmers ignore sustainability, even if paid not to: Study
Indonesia, the world’s largest producer of palm oil, plans to improve the sustainability of the industry and stop...
07-Nov-2016 Minister Allows Peatland Restoration Using Village Funds
TEMPO.CO, Jambi - Suprayoga Hadi, the Director General of Special Region Development, the Underdeveloped...
Peatland restoration

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