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03-Oct-2007 Sambutan Ketua Panitia
03-Oct-2007 Konsep Pemanfaatan Beje dan Parit sebagai Sekat Bakar Partisipatif di Hutan dan Lahan Gambut
03-Oct-2007 Workshop Background
03-Oct-2007 Workshop Programme
03-Oct-2007 Warta Konservasi Lahan Basah (WKLB) (Vol. 11 No. 02; April 2003)
Indonesia-Warta Konservasi Lahan Basah
02-Oct-2007 Gambaran Umum Mengenai United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) , Kyoto Protocol dan Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
01-Oct-2007 Final project brief to Global Environment Facility (GEF) (Sept06)
Southeast Asia Project
01-Oct-2007 Maps of Sungai Puning area
Maps of the Sungai Puning area prepared with KEHATI support.
30-Sep-2007 Peluang pengembangan Proyek Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) di Indonesia
27-Sep-2007 Jadwal Acara
27-Sep-2007 Conference of Parties (COP) 10 Presentation (Part 4)
The benefit of blocking at peatland ecosystem
06-Dec-2006 First Announcement of the Soil Science Conference of Malaysia 2007
To view the first announcement of the coming Soil Science Conference of Malaysia.
17-Nov-2006 Peatland degradation fuels climate change
November 2006. Government representatives from almost all countries of the world gather at the UN-FCCC 2006 summit...
13-Oct-2006 Rapid Early Development of Circumarctic Peatlands and Atmospheric Mathene methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Variations
A study was conducted on relationship between circumarctic peatlands and atmospheric methane and carbon...
03-Oct-2006 Leaders to force global warming issue
The leaders of Britain and Germany said Friday they would work to put global warming at the top of the...
06-Sep-2006 Summary of countries
Southeast Asia Project
06-Sep-2006 International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) /Global Environment Facility (GEF) Executive Summary
Southeast Asia Project
06-Sep-2006 Project Executive Summary
Southeast Asia Project
25-Aug-2006 The Greifswald Statement on Ecological Restoration
The 5th European Conference on Ecological Restoration took place in Greifswald, Germany (21-25 August 2006)
Peatland Management
22-Aug-2006 Registration form for Workshop on Peatlands and Climate Change (26 Aug 2006)
Registration form for the workshop is available here.

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