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07-Aug-2018 Earth risks tipping into ‘hothouse’ state: study
TAMPA: The planet urgently needs to transition to a green economy because fossil fuel pollution risks pushing the...
Climate Change
07-Aug-2018 South-East Asia vulnerable to climate change
JAKARTA (August 7): Recent bouts of extreme and deadly weather have highlighted South-East Asia’s vulnerabilities...
Climate Change
05-Aug-2018 Warmer soil releasing more carbon, worsening climate change
Even the dirt on the ground is making climate change worse, a new study finds.
Climate Change
04-Aug-2018 Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes
Cows are dying of thirst in Switzerland, fires are gobbling up timber in Sweden, the majestic Dachstein glacier...
Climate Change
31-Jul-2018 Tracking the shift of tropical forests from carbon sink to source
Currently, tropical forests take up roughly the same amount of carbon as is released when they’re cleared or...
Climate Change
JAKARTA, July 31 (NNN-ANTARA) -- The National Defense Forces (TNI) and the Indonesian Police (Polri) have made...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
27-Jul-2018 Climate change IS behind the 'weirdness' of Earth's current weather as 118 of all-time heat records have been set or tied across the globe
Flood-inducing downpours have pounded the U.S. East this week Japan hit 106 degrees on Monday, its hottest temp...
22-Jul-2018 Diancam kebakaran tanah gambut
Api merebak musnahkan kebun penduduk
Peat fire - Malaysia
21-Jul-2018 Is the haze making a return this year?
Peatland Fire and Haze
21-Jul-2018 Ratusan Hektar Hutan Terbakar di Riau
Peatland Fire and Haze
21-Jul-2018 Fenomena Jerebu dijangka melanda semula
Peatland Fire and Haze
20-Jul-2018 Ratusan hektar hutan terbakar
Ratusan hektar hutan dilaporkan masih terbakar di wilayah Riau, Sumatera, dipercayai akibat cuaca panas, selain...
Peatland Fire and Haze
20-Jul-2018 Three years without haze, but Singapore should not celebrate just yet
It has been good news regarding the haze for the third year since 2015. In the past two years, there has been...
Peatland Fire and Haze
19-Jul-2018 Bomba, pekerja berjaya padamkan kebakaran ladang di Betong
Peat fire - Malaysia
18-Jul-2018 Pusat Pembelajaran Urus Ekosistem Gambut
13-Jul-2018 Kebakaran hutan paya gambut Selangor berkurangan
Kejadian kebakaran hutan paya gambut semakin berkurangan sejak 2018, kata Pengarah Jabatan Perhutanan Selangor,...
13-Jul-2018 Mangroves and their deforestation may emit more methane than we thought
A recently published study finds mangroves release more methane than previously estimated.
Climate Change
13-Jul-2018 Southeast Asia haze tied to hospitalisation for breathing problems
People are more likely to be hospitalised for respiratory disorders during the annual haze season in Southeast...
12-Jul-2018 Yorkshire Water invests £1.5m in north Yorkshire peat
Yorkshire Water, together with the Yorkshire Peat Partnership (YPP) and the Swinton Estate have been working to...
11-Jul-2018 Greenpeace demands stern measures against firms failing to preserve orangutan habitat in Indonesia
Environmentalist organization Greenpeace demanded the Indonesian government take legal measures against firms...

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