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21-Oct-2016 Hanguana thailandica (Hanguanaceae): a new peat swamp forest species from Thailand
A new species of Hanguana (Hanguanaceae), H. thailandica, is described and illustrated from Trang province,...
05-Oct-2016 Peat fires doubled annual ammonia emissions in Indonesia during the 2015 El Niño
In the autumn of 2015, thousands of square kilometers of forest and peatlands in Indonesia went up in flames.
Research Paper
20-Sep-2016 Measurement of carbon dioxide flux from tropical peatland in Indonesia using the nocturnal temperature-inversion trap method
by Windy Iriana1, Kenichi Tonokura1, Masahiro Kawasaki2, Gen Inoue2, Kitso Kusin3 and Suwido H Limin3
24-Aug-2016 Continuous Dissolved Oxygen Measurements and Modelling Metabolism in Peatland Streams
27-Jul-2016 Book Review: The challenges behind Indonesia's agricultural matrix
Commentary on 2 books by James Erbaugh, PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan focusing on land-use,...
15-Jun-2016 Sources of anthropogenic fire ignitions on the peat-swamp landscape in Kalimantan, Indonesia
Fire disturbance in many tropical forests, including peat swamps, has become more frequent and extensive in...
13-Jun-2016 IMCG Bulletin April 2016
06-Jun-2016 Trans-Boundary Haze Pollution in Southeast Asia: Sustainability through Plural Environmental Governance
Recurrent haze in Southeast Asian countries including Singapore is largely attributable to rampant forest fires...
01-Jun-2016 ASEAN Biodiversity Updates Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2016
The ASEAN BIODIVERSITY UPDATES is published monthly by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) to keep...
01-Jun-2016 Peat News May 2016
11-May-2016 Reconstruction of Holocene carbon dynamics in a large boreal peatland complex, southern Finland
Highlights • Holocene carbon dynamics were reconstructed for a boreal peatland complex. • Methane emis...
03-May-2016 Will Asia Pulp & Paper default on its “zero deforestation” commitment?
This study by twelve international and Indonesian NGOs shows that in spite of its high-profile...
21-Apr-2016 Water table-dependent hydrological changes following peatland forestry drainage and restoration: Analysis of restoration success
A before-after-control approach was used to analyze the impact of peatland restoration on hydrology, based on...
15-Apr-2016 The impact of land-cover change on flood peaks in peatland basins
In headwater peatlands, saturation-excess overland flow is a dominant source of river discharge. Human modifications...
25-Mar-2016 Consortia of low-abundance bacteria drive sulfate reduction-dependent degradation of fermentation products in peat soil microcosms
Dissimilatory sulfate reduction in peatlands is sustained by a cryptic sulfur cycle and effectively competes...
04-Mar-2016 Periodicities in mid- to late-Holocene peatland hydrology identified from Swedish and Lithuanian tree-ring data
Twenty-five tree-ring width (TRW) chronologies, developed from moisture sensitive peatland trees in Sweden...
18-Jan-2016 IMCG Bulletin December 2015
15-Jan-2016 Peat: home to novel syntrophic species that feed acetate- and hydrogen-scavenging methanogens
(doi:10.1038/ismej.2015.256) By Oliver Schmidt, Linda Hink, Marcus A Horn and Harold L Drake
04-Dec-2015 Taking Deforestation Out of Commodity Supply Chains
Today, soy, beef and palm oil yield about $92 billion a year to producers, many of whom are small-scale rural...
16-Nov-2015 IMCG Bulletin: October 2015

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