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05-Jul-2012 Open burning triggers wild peat swamp fire
The long drought and dry peat swamp forest in Banting near here continue to haunt residents of this town as flames...
10-Aug-2012 Fire in Raja Musa Forest Reserve
A fire has been raging in the North Selangor Peatswamp Forest for the past week, fanned by a strong wind and...
14-Aug-2012 Keeping haze in check
PETALING JAYA - Malaysia is taking pro-active steps to stop the haze from worsening with the increase in the number...
16-Aug-2012 Idle land contributing to peat fires will be confiscated immediately
LAND belonging to those caught committing open burning and left idle at Kampung Johan Setia in Klang will...
15-Aug-2012 Peat soil fires contained
KUALA SELANGOR: Peat soil fires in a 42 hectare land reserve owned by the Selangor Agriculture Development...
10-Oct-2012 FRIM, Bumi Armada To Collaborate In Malaysia's First Carbon Conservation Programme
Malaysia will pursue its first carbon offset conservation programme involving the conservation of carbon at a...
23-Feb-2013 Campaign launched to educate on prevention of peatland fires
Almost 400 volunteers from various organisations both from the private and public sector joined hands and planted...
23-Feb-2013 Hari Tanah Lembap Sedunia 2013
Majlis Sambutan Hari Tanah Lembap Sedunia 2013 telah berlangsung pada 23 Febuari 2013 di Hutan Simpan Raja Musa ,...
01-Mar-2013 Preventing peat fires
KUALA SELANGOR: Residents here are working with an environmental group, the local council and state agency to prevent...
24-Mar-2013 Exploring Bukit Lima Forest Park
WHAT is so special about Bukit Lima Forest Park in Sibu? Well, it’s a cool place to jog, mornings or evenings....
02-Apr-2013 Friends of the forest
Enlisting local help to protect vulnerable peatlands.
31-Mar-2013 Treasures of Bukit Lima
BUKIT Lima Forest Park has many treasures to offer. In fact it’s really a kind of living museum. As we stroll or...
24-May-2013 Do more studies on peat soil — Sarawak oil palm players
SIBU: Sarawak oil palm players want more studies done on the impact of planting oil palm on peat soil.
23-May-2013 Timberland Helps Conserve Peat Forest
Timberland canal blocking at Raja Musa Forest Reserve.
17-Oct-2006 Haze hits airport visibility in Malaysia
Thick smog from land-clearing fires to peninsular Malaysia, the meteorological department said. Visibility at KLIA...
17-Oct-2006 Winds blow haze south
Wind directions have changed from south-westerly to south-easterly yesterday, causing unhealthy air quality to move...
09-Oct-2006 Malaysia warns Malacca Strait ships as haze worsens
Malaysia on Monday warned ships sailing through Asia's busiest waterway to guard against accidents as a choking...
09-Oct-2006 No funds, pray for rain
After a fleeting respite on Saturday, shifting winds brought back the haze yesterday. The worst-hit areas were...
09-Oct-2006 Many choose to stay indoors
Joggers, walkers, cyclers and such have temporarily ceased their regular outdoor workouts due to the haze in...
09-Oct-2006 Selangor, Negri and Malacca worst hit by haze (in Malaysia)
It was back to hazy skies after a one-day respite on Saturday. Due to the changing winds, the haze returned...

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