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06-Feb-2018 Indonesian President Widodo pledges haze-free 2018
President Joko Widodo on Tuesday (Feb 6) told officials that he had given his word for 2018 to be a haze-free year...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
06-Feb-2018 Scientists Win $1m to Map Peats and Help Indonesia Tackle Wildfires
The International Peat Mapping Team, or IPMT, on Friday (05/02) won the $1 million Indonesian Peat Prize for the...
03-Feb-2018 Indonesian peatlands protection plan nets RM3.9mil
A plan to use satellite imagery and aerial mapping to protect Indonesia’s peatlands – a vast carbon sink and source...
02-Feb-2018 Indonesian palm, pulp companies commit to peatland restoration
Some 125 palm oil and pulp companies have committed to restoring a combined 14,000 square kilometers (5,400...
Plantations on peat
02-Feb-2018 Peatland mappers win $1million to help tackle Indonesian haze fires
KUALA LUMPUR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An award-winning method for mapping Indonesia’s vast peatlands,...
01-Feb-2018 Army Region 3 joins Chiang Mai in drill against forest fires and haze
Army Region 3 Commander Lt Gen Wijak Siribansop, as director of the Regional Forest Fire and Haze Prevention...
01-Feb-2018 Measuring Emissions from Smoldering Peat Fires
A new study measures emission factors for tropical peatland fires in Malaysia.
31-Jan-2018 Rewetting the Swamp: Indonesia’s Bold Plan
A controversial project to restore 2.5 million hectares of tropical peatland hinges on sustainable farming
Peat Conservation
31-Jan-2018 Is a plantation a forest? Indonesia says yes, as it touts a drop in deforestation
However, the government’s insistence on counting pulpwood plantations as reforested areas has once again...
Plantations on peat
30-Jan-2018 Peat-mapping technology to be adopted in Indonesia
The government currently lacks an authoritative map of its carbon-rich peat areas, which it urgently needs to enforce...
29-Jan-2018 Indonesia prepares to adopt standardized peat-mapping technology
The winner of a competition announced in 2016 to come up with a fast, accurate and cost-effective method to...
Peatland Conservation
29-Jan-2018 Challenges Faced By Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Scheme (MSPO)
Certifying its products to earn consumer confidence has precedence in Malaysia with certification bodies...
25-Jan-2018 Climate change and deforestation threaten world’s largest tropical peatland
The Cuvette Centrale peatlands stretch across an area of central Africa that is larger than the size of England...
24-Jan-2018 Greenpeace: Pemanfaatan Sawit Untuk Biofuel Tidak Tepat
Organisasi lingkungan, Greenpeace Indonesia menyayangkan kebijakan pemerintah yang memberikan insentif kepada...
Plantations on peat
24-Jan-2018 Chiang Rai Province Hopes to Implement Burning Ban from February 17 to April 17
Chiang Rai province hopes to implement an outdoor burning ban from February 17 to April 17 and to organize talks...
24-Jan-2018 Haze pollution and burning bans addressed in Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai province hopes to implement an outdoor burning ban from February 17 to April 17 and to organise talks...
22-Jan-2018 Palm oil is cheap, but it’s also an eco-disaster
With Southeast Asian economies in the balance – especially Indonesia and Malaysia – the fruit producers must...
Plantations on peat
19-Jan-2018 Burning need for more funds to restore Indonesian peatlands
A major shortfall in funding to restore Indonesia’s degraded peat forests means the country is facing a...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
17-Jan-2018 MPOC gets support from European Parliament members
The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) has secured the support of 57 members of the European Parliament for...
Palm Oil
17-Jan-2018 Researchers find simple key to risk of severe peat fires
The science behind their findings is complex, but the conclusion is simple: in a peat bog, bigger trees mean...

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