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09-Oct-2006 Headmasters can close schools if air pollutant index (API) rises above 300
Headmasters can use their discretion to close their schools if the air pollutant index (API) rises above 300....
09-Oct-2006 Malaysian hoteliers, tour agents fear worsening haze will hit tourism
Malaysian tour agents and hoteliers expressed concern Monday that travelers would shun the country as a gray...
09-Oct-2006 Haze causes not just discomfort, it kills
Narayan Sastry a Princeton-trained demographer working at the Rand Corporation, a private think-tank in...
08-Oct-2006 Kathirasen on Sunday: Fire in the belly, smoke in the air
Karthirasen is a news writer for the Malaysian paper News Straits Times. This article is written from the...
08-Oct-2006 Fluctuating Winds Causing Haze To Return, Says Meteorological Dept
The haze returning this morning in the central and south-western parts of Peninsular Malaysia particularly...
08-Oct-2006 Burn the trees, face the flak
The Malaysian government will not protect any local companies involved in open burning activities in Indonesia.
08-Oct-2006 Haze hits dangerous level in SE Asia
Skies were darkened across three Southeast Asian nations yesterday as smoke from illegally set brush fires in...
07-Oct-2006 No protection for Malaysian companies guilty of open-burning activities in Indonesia
Kuala Lumpur will not protect any Malaysian companies found to be involved in open-burning activities in Indonesia.
07-Oct-2006 Fuming Mad! Malaysians have had enough of haze woes
PETALING JAYA: We've had enough! That just about sums up the feelings of Malaysians when once again they have to...
07-Oct-2006 Masks to protect vendors from haze
The worsening haze is affecting everyone, but newspaper vendors who use motorcycles are among those most affected.
06-Oct-2006 Azmi's frustration
To put it mildly, the haze has made Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid one...
06-Oct-2006 Hotspots over wide regions
There is only so much the Government can do in combating the haze, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun...
11-Sep-2006 Malaysia urges Indonesia to ratify regional haze agreement
HELPLESS against the yearly visit of the haze, Malaysia is urging Indonesia to ratify the Asean Transboundary...
05-Oct-2006 Haze sweeps back to peninsula
The haze is back. After weeks of respite, Malaysians woke up yesterday morning to grey skies and muted sunlight....
05-Oct-2006 Rains fail to clear haze over Sabah
Heavy rains failed to ease the haze over Sabah as southwesterly winds continued to blow in smog from...
05-Oct-2006 More hazy days
Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia blew across the country, sending air quality to unhealthy levels in 10...
05-Oct-2006 Sarawak residents to get 10 free masks each
Sarawak residents are entitled to 10 free face-masks each. The distribution will be handled by the Natural...
05-Oct-2006 Situation makes life difficult in Port Klang
Traffic heading towards the port area moved at a snail’s pace yesterday due to thick haze that reduced visibility...
04-Oct-2006 Haze from Indonesia sweeps Malaysia as aHaze from Indonesia sweeps Malaysia as air quality falls to unhealthy levelir quality falls to unhealthy level
Smoke haze from forest fires in Indonesia blew across nearby Malaysia on Wednesday, as air quality fell to...
06-Oct-2006 Cloud seeding fails to bring rain
KUCHING, Malaysia: Cloud seeding conducted over parts of Sarawak from Tuesday has failed to induce the much-needed...

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