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16-Jan-2018 Peat in the Tropics
As has been previously discussed in Robert’s blog, fertile soil is an incredibly important resource that is...
15-Jan-2018 More research needed for responsible peatland management in Indonesia
Indonesian peatland researchers recently gathered in Bogor, Indonesia, to examine the effectiveness of the...
Peat Conservation
13-Jan-2018 Indonesian villages see virtually zero progress in program to manage peatlands
Only one out of nearly 3,000 villages located in Indonesia’s peatlands has received a government permit to manage...
Peat Conservation
10-Jan-2018 BRG Urges Gov't to Empower Peatland Societies Through Social Forestry Scheme
Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Agency, or BRG, and several civil society organizations urged the government on...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
10-Jan-2018 A Better Way to Probe Peat
Florida scientists use ground-penetrating radar to image underground carbon stores in the Disney Wilderness Preserve.
08-Jan-2018 Study on economic loss from Indonesia’s peat policies criticized
Researchers and officials have criticized the study, saying it fails to make a holistic accounting of...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
07-Jan-2018 Officials in Chiang Rai Campaign to Help Prevent Wildfire and Haze Problems
The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has held a cycling event urging the people...
04-Jan-2018 Double standards in Indonesia's climate policy
This is the rationale behind Indonesia’s mitigation measures which heavily focus on land use, land use change...
04-Jan-2018 Indonesia in 2017: A fighting chance for peat protection, but an infrastructure beatdown for indigenous communities
Policies issued in the wake of the devastating 2015 forest fires led to a significant decrease in hotspots and...
04-Jan-2018 Thailand, Myanmar and Laos to jointly solve smoke haze
Thailand, Myanmar and Laos will launch their joint efforts to contain smoke haze later this month, the Thai News...
03-Jan-2018 Thailand to Work With Myanmar and Laos to Minimize Annual Haze Problem
Third Army Chief Lt Gen. Wijak Siribansop has reported that Thailand will cooperate with Myanmar (Burma) and Laos in...
30-Dec-2017 BRG: Public must be vanguard of peatland protection
As it concludes its second year of operations in restoring peatland, the national Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG)...
Peat Conservation
29-Dec-2017 Indonesia unveils plan to halve forest fires by 2019
The Indonesian government has launched a plan to cut down land and forest fire hotspots by nearly half, in part...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
23-Dec-2017 Pulp giant APP rebuts Associated Press report
Firm denies covering up links with errant suppliers, reaffirms its sustainability claims
Plantations on peat
22-Dec-2017 Paper giant RAPP bows to peat-protection order after Indonesia court defeat
A court has invalidated a bid by Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) to overturn a government order obliging it...
Plantations on peat
22-Dec-2017 Peatlands: Neglected piece of the climate puzzle
Although peatlands make up a small amount of the world's land mass, they represent some of the largest...
Carbon Emissions
22-Dec-2017 Pulpwood firm loses appeal on work plan
S'pore-based firm April says it will work with Indonesian ministry on peatland protection
Plantations on peat
22-Dec-2017 Rebutting media reports, pulp giant APP claims links to suppliers do not weaken its sustainability efforts
Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), one of the Indonesian companies blamed for the 2015 record-breaking haze in the region,...
Plantations on peat
21-Dec-2017 Jakarta court rules in government's favour in case involving pulp company April
An Indonesian administrative court on Thursday (Dec 21) rejected a petition by a major Indonesian pulp and...
Plantations on peat
21-Dec-2017 Court Rejects RAPP's Plea to Revoke Gov't Reprimand Letter
The Jakarta State Administrative Court, or PTUN Jakarta, on Thursday (21/12) rejected a plea submitted by Riau...
Plantations on peat

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