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06-Oct-2006 Air quality unhealthy in 15 areas (in Malaysia)
The haze that is blanketing the country has sent air quality plunging to unhealthy levels in 15 towns and cities.
06-Oct-2006 Haze on the move, won't stay for long
KUALA LUMPUR: The haze has spread to many parts of the nation, but officials are sticking by their guns that it...
05-Oct-2006 Hazy days are back
Some pictures taken on Oct 4 2006 in Malaysia, illustrating the smoke haze from the forest fires in...
04-Oct-2006 Haze worsens in Sarawak
Parents are keeping their children indoors as the air quality in several towns in Sarawak has worsened
03-Oct-2006 Forest-fire haze pollutes air and delays some flights in Singapore and Malaysia
The air quality in Singapore and parts of Malaysia has worsened, reducing visibility and disrupting flights in...
02-Oct-2006 Air quality worsens in Malaysia's Sarawak
Air quality deteriorated on Sunday along coastal areas of Malaysia's side of Borneo island caused mainly by...
01-Oct-2006 Lure of the peat swamp
Sabah’s last fully protected peat swamp frontier, the Klias Forest Reserve, is getting the attention it needs...
17-Sep-2006 Acrid haze shrounds Malaysia's west coast
Acrid haze thickened over Malaysia as smoke from a large number of forest fires in nearby Indonesia shrouded...
15-Sep-2006 Haze Watch - 15 September 2006
Isolated hotspots were detected over southeastern parts of Kalimantan and Sulawesi . No visible haze was detected...
11-Sep-2006 Haze Watch - 11 September 2006
Numerous hotspots and smoke haze persist over southern part of Kalimantan. Isolated hot spots were also detected...
22-Aug-2006 Syed Nadzri on Tuesday: Indonesia not bothered about haze
New Straits Times - THAT was some reminder from Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak on Sunday about the...
18-Aug-2006 Sarawak struggles to cope as haze and HFMD take toll
Kuching: The haze enveloping the southern part of Sarawak is stretching the resources of the State Health...
18-Aug-2006 Fires destroy 1,000ha oil palm estates
KUCHING: Fires have destroyed more than 1,000ha of oil palm plantations in Samarahan, Sri Aman and Betong divisions...
19-Jul-2006 Open Burning Worsens Air Quality In S'gor
Haze from peatland fires are back during this dry season.
20-Jun-2006 All eco-sensitive areas identified!
Director Dr. Adrian Chong Sui Chiang from Town and Regional Planning Dept (Sabah, Malaysia), said the degree...
15-Mar-2006 Malaysia begins upset with forest fires in Indonesia
Malaysia has expressed worry about haze originating from forest fires in Indonesia, particularly from the...
14-Mar-2006 Fires in Riau jungles spreading to plantations
14-Mar-2006 Haze alert
Districts in Indonesia, have been shrouded in thick smoke for the last two weeks and the drought conditions...
12-Dec-2005 Haze Remains A Threat To Environment
Several haze episodes occured affecting several states in Peninsula Malaysia this year, mostly due to fires...
30-Nov-2005 ASEAN leaders to be pressed on haze reforms at annual summit
Southeast Asian leaders will be asked during the Summit on fighting annual smoke haze hazards by cutting red tape...

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