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06-Apr-2018 Indonesia peatland swap plan questioned over deforestation risk
An Indonesian plan to curb the commercial use of peatlands, by swapping nearly 1 million hectares of...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
06-Apr-2018 Firms to be tested on fire readiness
Jakarta to assess pulp and paper companies as part of land-swop move to curb the haze
Plantations on peat
05-Apr-2018 Mangroves: Unsung Allies in the Climate Change Fight
These ecosystems are massive carbon sinks, taking in and storing excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and...
Carbon conservation
03-Apr-2018 Is Indonesia’s ambitious peat restoration initiative severely underfunded?
Indonesia will need an estimated US$4.6 billion to restore some 20,000 square kilometers of degraded peatland by...
Peatland restoration
30-Mar-2018 Study: Indonesia’s ambitious peat restoration initiative severely underfunded
Indonesia will need an estimated $4.6 billion to restore some 20,000 square kilometers (7,720 square miles) of...
Peatland Management
29-Mar-2018 ‘Smoke on Water’ Report Spurs Partnership to Protect Largest Tropical Peatland
The Brazzaville Declaration, signed by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo, and...
28-Mar-2018 Draining peatlands gives global rise to greenhouse laughing-gas emissions
Drained fertile peatlands around the globe are hotspots for the atmospheric emission of laughing-gas -- a...
GHG emissions
26-Mar-2018 Rising carbon emissions
IF the world wants to avoid drastic global warming this century, we’ll need to reduce our greenhouse gas...
Carbon Emissions
25-Mar-2018 UN lauds Indonesia’s peatland management
Indonesia’s efforts in restoring peatland destroyed by fires can serve as an example to other countries facing...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
24-Mar-2018 New pact to conserve Congo Basin peatlands from risk of unsustainable exploitation
A new international agreement aims to protect a massive tract of environmentally sensitive peatlands in the Congo...
Peat Conservation
23-Mar-2018 Historic agreement signed to protect the world’s largest tropical peatland
The Brazzaville Declaration aims to implement coordination and cooperation between different government sectors...
Peat Conservation
22-Mar-2018 Indonesia Considered Successful in Managing Peatlands, It Becomes Example for Other Countries
The management of peatlands in Indonesia is considered successful so that it becomes an example for other countries...
Peat Conservation
21-Mar-2018 Review of 1992 forestry policy timely
IT is a well-known fact that Malaysia has committed to the international community that it would maintain 50% of...
20-Mar-2018 Keeping carbon in the ground can cut emissions and boost food security, study finds
“Soil carbon sequestration can help to address climate change, and because it also helps to increase productivity,...
Carbon conservation
15-Mar-2018 UN forest project ‘does more harm than good’
A UN forest project is fuelling conflict over land, threatening local people and failing to slow...
13-Mar-2018 Debates heat up as Indonesian palm oil moratorium is about to be signed
Announced two years ago, a moratorium on new oil palm permits in Indonesia is about to be signed by President...
13-Mar-2018 Hidupkan hutan paya gambut
Kebakaran Hutan Simpan Paya Gambut Ayer Hitam pada 2014 yang memusnahkan satu-satunya hutan paya gambut tropika...
12-Mar-2018 NGO urges Jokowi to halt land permit issuance
Civil society group AURIGA Nusantara is calling on President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo through an online petition to...
Peat Conservation
09-Mar-2018 Bomba sedia hadapi kebakaran belukar
Peat fire - Malaysia
08-Mar-2018 NGOs seek suspension of forest-related funding to DRC in response to proposed end to logging moratorium
More than 50 conservation and human rights organizations have called on international donors to halt...

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