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11-May-2016 Haze expected to return in June: Malaysian minister
Malaysia is expected to experience trans-boundary haze from June until October following the hot and dry weather...
04-Oct-2006 Haze from Indonesia sweeps Malaysia as aHaze from Indonesia sweeps Malaysia as air quality falls to unhealthy levelir quality falls to unhealthy level
Smoke haze from forest fires in Indonesia blew across nearby Malaysia on Wednesday, as air quality fell to...
17-Oct-2006 Haze hits airport visibility in Malaysia
Thick smog from land-clearing fires to peninsular Malaysia, the meteorological department said. Visibility at KLIA...
08-Oct-2006 Haze hits dangerous level in SE Asia
Skies were darkened across three Southeast Asian nations yesterday as smoke from illegally set brush fires in...
02-Aug-2005 Haze hits Kuala Lumpur and Selangor – Again.
Earlier this afternoon, smoke haze was noticed in parts of Selangor and KL, Malaysia. The haze may be due to...
05-Apr-2016 Haze in south western Beaufort improves, schools set to reopen
KOTA KINABALU: The haze situation in south western Beaufort area improved further Tuesday and schools are set to...
31-Mar-2012 Haze may return next month
THE haze is expected to appear early next month with the onset of a dry and humid period lasting until September.
02-Mar-2017 Haze not likely this year: Wan Junaidi
PUTRAJAYA: The haze is unlikely to return this year due to good weather and strong winds, Natural Resources...
06-Oct-2006 Haze on the move, won't stay for long
KUALA LUMPUR: The haze has spread to many parts of the nation, but officials are sticking by their guns that it...
14-Oct-2006 Haze puts Malaysia's fireflies, wildlife at risk
Malaysia's most famous insects, a colony of fireflies that blink like Christmas lights, top the list of wildlife hit...
12-Dec-2005 Haze Remains A Threat To Environment
Several haze episodes occured affecting several states in Peninsula Malaysia this year, mostly due to fires...
24-Jul-2014 Haze Situation Improves in Northern Region
Seri Manjung API at 85, compared to above 200 reading on Tuesday
12-Aug-2005 Haze spreads to Malaysia's north and east
05-Oct-2006 Haze sweeps back to peninsula
The haze is back. After weeks of respite, Malaysians woke up yesterday morning to grey skies and muted sunlight....
11-Sep-2006 Haze Watch - 11 September 2006
Numerous hotspots and smoke haze persist over southern part of Kalimantan. Isolated hot spots were also detected...
15-Sep-2006 Haze Watch - 15 September 2006
Isolated hotspots were detected over southeastern parts of Kalimantan and Sulawesi . No visible haze was detected...
11-Aug-2005 HAZE WATCH: Malaysian firms also to blame
Some Malaysian palm oil companies with plantations in Indonesia have contributed to the haze.
04-Oct-2006 Haze worsens in Sarawak
Parents are keeping their children indoors as the air quality in several towns in Sarawak has worsened
02-Sep-2016 Haze: M’sia to adopt PM2.5 API system by end 2017
Upgrading work on the system is being carried out at 53 air quality monitoring stations still using the PM10 system.
19-Sep-2016 Haze: Thank the rain, wind and Indonesians
SIBU: Malaysia has been spared trans-boundary haze this time by three key factors: rain, wind, and rapid action by...

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