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21-Aug-2017 Suffocating haze plagues Klang folk
Plantation workers in Johan Setia in Klang, mostly immigrants are setting the forests and peatland on fire to...
Peatland Fire and Haze
21-Aug-2017 An End to Secondhand Smoke: Can Southeast Asia Finally Breathe a Sigh of Relief?
It was news that Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia were eager to hear. “There...
Peatland Fire and Haze
18-Aug-2017 A burning smell? This device can detect air pollution in real time
With the haze season now underway in Southeast Asia, there’s now a technology that can detect air pollution quickly...
15-Aug-2017 Kebakaran berjaya dipadamkan
Bestari jaya - Kebakaran seluas 120 hektar di Kompartment 100, 101 dan 102 Hutan Simpan Gambut Raja Musa Bestari...
Peat fire - Malaysia
15-Aug-2017 Another climate-change nightmare: 91 new volcanoes beneath Antarctica’s ice
..it turns out Antarctica has problems we didn't even know about. Deep problems. Volcanoes-under-the-ice...
Climate Change
14-Aug-2017 BRG Earmarks Rp10bn for South Kalimantan Peatland Restoration
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) chairman Nazir Foead said that South Kalimantan received...
Peatland restoration
12-Aug-2017 Commentary: Combat future haze by working with Indonesia and ASEAN
Weather forecasts suggest that we may not see the recurrence of major haze like in 2015, but Vivian Claire Liew...
Peatland Fire and Haze
11-Aug-2017 Empat Titik Panas
Kebakaran Hutan Simpan Raja Musa berbaki 10 hektar selepas berjaya dipadam dengan bantuan anggota bomba, GEC dan APM.
Peat fire - Malaysia
11-Aug-2017 Lokasi terjejas berbaki 10 hektar
Misi padam kebakaran Hutan Simpan Gambut diteruskan
Peat fire - Malaysia
11-Aug-2017 EDITORIAL: Desperately fighting fires
For the umpteenth time fires have burned our forests and peatland, posing threats not only to people in the...
Peatland Fire and Haze
11-Aug-2017 Indonesia Forest Fires Intractable Problem, Despite Efforts
Indonesia is bracing for more forest fires after hundreds of "hot spots” were detected last week, marking a new...
Peatland Fire and Haze
11-Aug-2017 Land-swap rule among Indonesian President Jokowi’s latest peat reforms
JAKARTA — Indonesia, a country known for its annual forest and peat fires, is overhauling its peatland...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
10-Aug-2017 Kebakaran Hutan Simpan Berulang
Dipercayai diceroboh kaki pancing, unggun api yang tak dipadam sempurna jadi punca kejadian.
Peat fire - Malaysia
09-Aug-2017 SEA Games: Malaysia urges Indonesia to keep a lid on haze
Malaysia's sports minister has urged Indonesia to ensure that haze from raging forest fires does not affect...
Peatland Fire and Haze
08-Aug-2017 First real test for Jokowi on haze as annual fires return to Indonesia
JAKARTA — Fire season has returned to Indonesia, marking the first real test of President Joko Widodo’s efforts...
Peatland Fire and Haze
07-Aug-2017 Wan Junaidi: Peatfires an economic issue
PETALING JAYA: It is difficult to stop open burning in the Johan Setia peatlands as the sites are deserted...
Peatland Fire and Haze
07-Aug-2017 Johan Setia peatfires cause of Klang, Shah Alam haze
SHAH ALAM: The seasonal haze from Sumatra has yet to hit Malaysian shores, but residents in Shah Alam and Klang...
Peat fire - Malaysia
04-Aug-2017 Estonian Bogs Return to the Wild
A project to restore large tracts of dried-out bog could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
04-Aug-2017 Tiny Country Cuts Carbon Emissions by Planting Bogs
In Estonia, dried-out peat bogs are big carbon emitters. The government wants to reverse that.
04-Aug-2017 Jokowi issues harsh appraisal of forestry reforms
He says 'corrective action' needed to make breakthroughs in management of forests

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