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14-Jan-2013 My Little COP PocketBook
This is a youth-led volunteer project aimed at making the UNFCCC COP process make sense to people having...
12-Jan-2013 REDD+ & Biodiversity e-newsletter
News from the Convention of Biological Diversity
03-Jan-2013 REDD-Net Asia-Pacific Bulletin #6: Adaptation, Forests and REDD+
Natural disaster management and agriculture tend to dominate discussions on climate change adaptation. But...
03-Jan-2013 SNV: The REDD+ Corner
The REDD+ Corner is the SNV's bi-monthly newsletter, which will be relaunched in January 2013.
03-Jan-2013 Is There an Ideal REDD+ Program? An Analysis of Policy Trade-Offs at the Local Level
A paper by George A. Dyer, Robin Matthews, and Patrick Meyfroidt
Research Paper
03-Jan-2013 Job: Senior Programme Officer-REDD+, UNOPS, Geneva
Posted by Angel J Storm on December 27, 2012 at 5:13pm in Job/Consulting Opportunities
15-Dec-2012 Scientist, Global Comparative Study (GCS) on REDD+
14-Dec-2012 New Peatland Bacteria Feed On Greenhouse Gas and Excess Fertilizer
Researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen and B-WARE Research Centre have discovered new methane-consuming...
01-Dec-2012 Peatlands and REDD+
Presented at the Peatlands and Organic Soils Mitigation Initiative; Crown Plaza Hotel, Doha
20-Nov-2012 A cost-efficient method to assess carbon stocks in tropical peat soil
Estimation of belowground carbon stocks in tropical wetland forests requires funding for laboratory analyses...
Research Paper
13-Nov-2012 Growing season methane emission from a boreal peatland in the continuous permafrost zone of Northeast China: effects of active layer depth and vegetation
In this study, we investigated CH4 fluxes and abiotic factors (temperature, water table depth, active layer depth,...
Research Paper
06-Nov-2012 Designing Effective REDD+ Safeguard Information Systems: Building on existing systems and country experiences
The policy paper is the result of substantive research that included an extensive desk study,...
Policy Brief
05-Nov-2012 The Private Sector in the REDD+ Supply Chain: Trends, challenges and opportunities (Policy Brief)
Date Published: 11/05/2012 Author: Florence Bernard, Scott McFatridge, Peter A. Minang Publisher: IISD
Policy Brief
15-Oct-2012 Disturbance and the peatland carbon sink in the Oil Sands Administrative Area pp. 13-22
Restoration and Reclamation of Boreal Ecosystems Attaining Sustainable Development
15-Oct-2012 Vacancy: FOREST CARBON SPECIALIST, CAMBODIA COUNTRY PROGRAMME - Fauna and Flora International
Source link: http://www.ecosystemmarketplace.com/pages/dynamic/web.page.php?page_id=9345§ion=about_us&eod=1.
11-Oct-2012 Peat swamp forest conversion into oil palm plantation: the effect on soil carbon dynamic
Is converting intact peat swamp forest into oil palm plantation accelerating the rate at which peat decomposes?...
09-Oct-2012 Anaerobic oxidization of methane in a minerotrophic peatland: enrichment of nitrite-dependent methane-oxidizing bacteria
Subscription required. Paper available from http://aem.asm.org/content/early/2012/10/02/AEM.02102-12.abstract.
Research Paper
09-Oct-2012 Provisional Peat Database
If you are conducting research on peat, the Indonesian Peat Database may be useful for your work. Available...
09-Oct-2012 Climate Change and Community-based REDD+ Education Manual
This manual seeks to assist policy makers and project developers to answer the question: “how do we present...
09-Oct-2012 The impact of subsidence: can peatland drainage be sustainable in the long term?
This presentation presents the impact of peat soil subsidence and discusses the issues of sustainability of...

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