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19-May-2016 Keeping a close watch on peatland
AFTER years of battling smoke and haze from peatland fires in Kuala Selangor, the local community rallied together...
14-Aug-2012 Keeping haze in check
PETALING JAYA - Malaysia is taking pro-active steps to stop the haze from worsening with the increase in the number...
09-Jul-2018 Kerjasama erat pulih Hutan Paya Gambut
Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Selangor (JPNS) giat menjalin kerjasama dengan Global Environment Centre (GEC) dan...
21-Apr-2016 Klang Valley’s API spikes briefly
PETALING JAYA: The air pollution index (API) briefly spiked to unhealthy levels in several parts of the Klang...
12-Mar-2016 Lee: Malaysia must take lead in tackling haze issue
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia must be proactive in preventing the perennial haze, because it comes with great cost to...
03-Feb-2007 Loagan Bunut in Sarawak to host World Wetlands Day
A seminar on wetland and fishery will be held from Feb 3-4 at Loagan Bunut National Park, in conjunction with...
30-Jun-2017 Local authorities to beef up enforcement against open burning
SIBU: Local councils are urged to beef up enforcement to prevent backyard burning by the public in view of...
01-Oct-2006 Lure of the peat swamp
Sabah’s last fully protected peat swamp frontier, the Klias Forest Reserve, is getting the attention it needs...
15-Mar-2006 Malaysia begins upset with forest fires in Indonesia
Malaysia has expressed worry about haze originating from forest fires in Indonesia, particularly from the...
09-Feb-2007 Malaysia Prepares For Drought - Najib
Malaysia will place emphasis on haze, open burning and sufficient water supply in its preparation to face the...
11-Aug-2005 Malaysia suspends classes as haze crisis worsens
01-Aug-2009 Malaysia To Impart Knowledge To Indonesia To Fight Haze
Malaysia is to impart knowledge of peatland management and 'zero burning' techniques to the authorities of the...
11-Sep-2006 Malaysia urges Indonesia to ratify regional haze agreement
HELPLESS against the yearly visit of the haze, Malaysia is urging Indonesia to ratify the Asean Transboundary...
09-Oct-2006 Malaysia warns Malacca Strait ships as haze worsens
Malaysia on Monday warned ships sailing through Asia's busiest waterway to guard against accidents as a choking...
07-Apr-2016 Malaysia-EU Initial Framework On Partnership Cooperation
PUTRAJAYA (Malaysia), April 7 (Bernama) — Malaysia and the European Union (EU) initialled the Framework Agreement...
08-Feb-2007 Malaysia-Indonesia talks on commodities and haze in May
Malaysia and Indonesia will meet in May to talk about the practice of open burning in Indonesiar that has...
09-Oct-2006 Malaysian hoteliers, tour agents fear worsening haze will hit tourism
Malaysian tour agents and hoteliers expressed concern Monday that travelers would shun the country as a gray...
09-May-2016 Malaysian palm oil giant IOI sues RSPO over suspension
The latest sign of a backlash from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s grower members against stricter...
10-Oct-2006 Malaysian warns of resentment as air pollution worsens
Malaysia's health minister Monday warned of resentment against Indonesia and economic fallout as thick haze caused...
04-Aug-2005 Malaysians told to stay indoors after smoke haze
News of haze affecting Malaysia have been broadcasted on Radio Australia, Australia.

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