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15-Dec-2016 WWF and Greenpeace break with Indonesia's pulp and paper giant
The construction of a 3km canal in Indonesia has led Greenpeace and WWF to suspend its partnership with one...
Plantations on peat
15-Dec-2016 Green Labelling Scheme beefed up to tackle business practices that cause haze
SINGAPORE - A revamped certification and labelling scheme, aimed at tackling business practices that cause the...
15-Dec-2016 Peatland restoration: the role of agroforestry
By Atiek Widayati, ICRAF. As Indonesia is the biggest CO2 emitter from the land-based sector, peatland restoration is...
Peatland restoration
14-Dec-2016 UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon
Carbon accumulating deep in peat around the world may be less likely to be released into the air by global warming...
Carbon conservation
14-Dec-2016 UO team helps show peatlands may hold on to carbon
Carbon accumulating deep in peat around the world may be less likely to be released into the air by global warming...
Carbon conservation
14-Dec-2016 Organic Fertilizer Used to Combat Forest Fires in Riau
Rokan Hilir. As forest fires continue to plague Riau, farmers in Rokan Hilir district took it upon themselves to find...
14-Dec-2016 Mass carbon release from peatlands unlikely, study finds
Scientists have found that a massive reservoir of buried carbon is unexpectedly stable, allaying fears that...
Climate Change
12-Dec-2016 Enforcement key in haze fight
Indonesia's latest move to institute an immediate - and total - ban on the cultivation of peatland has been lauded as...
12-Dec-2016 REDD+, conservation and rural livelihoods
Drawing upon comparative work across six countries, scientists evaluate the impacts of conservation efforts
11-Dec-2016 Indonesia bolsters call to halt peat-swamp work
JAKARTA, Indonesia -- Indonesia has strengthened its moratorium on converting peat swamps to plantations in a move...
Peat Conservation
11-Dec-2016 EARTH WIRE -- BRG to restore 2.4 million hectares of damaged peat lands
Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Peat Land Restoration Agency (BRG) said it hoped to restore 2.4 million...
Peatland restoration
10-Dec-2016 Belarus to restore over 1000 hectares of peatland
A huge restoration project led by APB BirdLife Belarus (BirdLife Partner), the National Park authorities and...
09-Dec-2016 From Paris to Marrakech: Forests, climate change and REDD+ in Southeast Asia
The 21st Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), held in...
Climate Change
09-Dec-2016 Total ban issued on peatland clearance
Environmentalists have hailed the government’s decision to issue a total ban on the clearing of carbon-rich...
09-Dec-2016 Green groups raise red flags over Jokowi’s widely acclaimed haze law
A new regulation sees Indonesia’s president responding to the devastating 2015 Southeast Asia haze...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
08-Dec-2016 New initiative to protect peatland
The biggest question looming over all the laws and regulations the government has enacted so far to protect...
Peat Conservation
08-Dec-2016 Challenge to restore degraded peatlands in Southeast-Asia
Large parts of the Southeast-Asian peatlands – one of the world’s biggest carbon pools – have been ruined...
Peatland restoration
08-Dec-2016 Nazir Foead at GLF: Restoring Indonesia’s peatland
Nazir Foead, Head of Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency, speaks on the sidelines of the Global Landscapes...
Peatland restoration
07-Dec-2016 Indonesia expands protection for peatland
New law banning cultivation also covers concession land previously licensed to firms
Peat Conservation
07-Dec-2016 Indonesia targets catastrophic wildfires, climate change with historic move to protect peatlands
5 December 2016 - Indonesia's president Joko Widodo announced today a landmark moratorium, which bans all...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire

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