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01-Dec-2016 Indonesia’s Forest-Fire Problem Is Nowhere Close to Being Solved. Here’s Why
Choking haze caused by Indonesia's annual slash-and-burn forest fires affects millions of people. Wetter...
01-Dec-2016 Nazir Foead: ‘The keyword for us is cooperation’
The head of Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency on the importance of taking a landscape approach
Peat Conservation
01-Dec-2016 Gov't Restores 400,000 Hectares of Peatlands in 2017
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) has set a target to restore 400,000 hectares of peatland...
Peatland restoration
30-Nov-2016 Indonesia shifts emissions-reduction burden from energy to forestry sector
The archipelago country is banking on being able to reduce emissions from its annual wildfires to a greater extent...
Climate Change
30-Nov-2016 APP in high tech fire fight
As part of its commitment to combating forest destruction, paper giant Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is now using an...
Plantations on peat
26-Nov-2016 Despite tough talk, Indonesia’s government is struggling to stem deforestation
But the weather is helping a little
25-Nov-2016 Conservation in oil palm is possible
Erik Meijaard is a Jakarta-based conservation scientist coordinating the Borneo Futures Initiative. The views...
24-Nov-2016 U study provides global picture of crop production greenhouse gas emissions
researchers from the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment used models and geospatial data to...
Climate Change
23-Nov-2016 Palm oil culprits apprehended in the Leuser Ecosystem. Who sent them?
The police investigate illegal land clearing in the Singkil peat swamp forest, one of Indonesia’s most...
23-Nov-2016 Several measures in place to tackle haze in Miri — Len Talif
VARIOUS initiatives are currently being carried out to combat the haze in Miri which is primarily caused by peat...
23-Nov-2016 Haze woes in Miri addressed: Sarawak State Legislative Assembly
KUCHING (Bernama) – Engagements with companies having huge land banks which comprise peat soil in Miri have resulted...
23-Nov-2016 Action plan to combat haze
KUCHING: An integrated action plan and enforcement on open burning, involving all relevant agencies, is in place...
22-Nov-2016 69m people breathed toxic smoke from 2015 Indonesian fires: study
The precise impacts of Indonesia’s annual haze remain poorly understood, but researchers are beginning to learn more.
21-Nov-2016 FACES OF CHANGE - Reducing forest and peatland fires and haze impacts from key fire-prone areas in Indonesia
Peatlands are the most efficient carbon sink on the planet. In fact, globally they store up to 88.6 billion metric...
Climate Change
21-Nov-2016 Global Peatlands Initiative tackles climate change
Tackling peatlands is regarded by many environmentalists as a key part of any strategy to address climate change....
Climate Change
20-Nov-2016 New study: Deforestation has chaotic impact on temperature, climate
If a forest dies, the other side of the world can feel it. That's the finding of a new study examining how...
18-Nov-2016 New peatland coalition targets cutting climate change, saving thousands of lives
Marrakech, 17 November 2016 – A new global initiative, launched today at the climate meeting in Marrakech, aims...
Climate Change
18-Nov-2016 Healthy forests, zero burning, prosperous economy: Can Indonesia have it all?
Indonesia’s agriculture sector is at once a major source of income for the country and one of the biggest threats...
18-Nov-2016 Landmark court ruling expected to serve as deterrent
A landmark Supreme Court ruling ordering a plantation company to pay a high fine for illegal forest clearing...
17-Nov-2016 Peatlands protection seen key to preventing climate change "tipping point"
Peatlands contain huge amounts of carbon, posing dangers to the atmosphere if they are destroyed.
Climate Change

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