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06-Dec-2011 M'sia studying best method of oil palm cultivation on peat land
Malaysia is still studying the best method of cultivation of oil palm on peat land and the type that can be utilised.
06-Oct-2011 Timberland pulihara paya gambut
KELIHATAN air perang kehitam-hitaman mengenangi hampir segenap kawasan Hutan Paya Gambut Hutan Simpan Raja Musa...
27-Sep-2011 Timberland employees dig in to save swamp
KUALA SELANGOR: More than 50 Timberland employees gave time and effort to preserve a peat swamp at Raja Musa...
12-Jul-2011 API flares up all over country
Hazy days in Malaysia.
12-Mar-2011 Safeguarding peat swamp forest
The state government will do all it can to ensure that its 230,600ha of peat swamp forest, the biggest in Asia,...
02-Oct-2010 Sarawak disputes report on peatland gas emission
18-Feb-2010 Forest Fires come Roaring In
Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) officials disclosed that close to 1,300 hectares (ha) of forest reserve areas have...
14-Aug-2009 Over 3,000ha Of Forest In Sarawak Still Burning
Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said that out of the 6,528 hectares of affected...
01-Aug-2009 Malaysia To Impart Knowledge To Indonesia To Fight Haze
Malaysia is to impart knowledge of peatland management and 'zero burning' techniques to the authorities of the...
22-Jun-2009 Sarawak to do cloud seeding
Sarawak will start cloud seeding next week to disperse the haze that is creeping in from Kalimantan and to bring...
19-Jun-2009 Sarawak Braces For Long Dry Season, Haze
A cloud seeding operation will be conducted in Sarawak to produce rain, in view of the long dry spell predicted to...
09-Jun-2009 Ministry, DOE To Monitor Haze Condition With Help From Relevant Agencies
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment hopes to be ready for any eventualities, including the haze, in...
15-Feb-2007 Govt reviving peatland program
The government plans to reclaim, for a second time, up to 500,000 hectares of peatland in Central Kalimantan...
12-Feb-2007 Alliance to save Sarawak’s largest freshwater lake park
MIRI: The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) is working out a management plan with the United Nations...
10-Feb-2007 Measures to ensure haze-free dry spell
Several measures will be taken with Indonesia to ensure that the trans-boundary haze does not occur that...
09-Feb-2007 Fires bring smoky problems back to Klang
Fires at Kampung Johan Setia, where they often start during dry spells, have flared up again and are...
09-Feb-2007 Malaysia Prepares For Drought - Najib
Malaysia will place emphasis on haze, open burning and sufficient water supply in its preparation to face the...
09-Feb-2007 10 high-power pumps being acquired to fight forest fires
08-Feb-2007 Malaysia-Indonesia talks on commodities and haze in May
Malaysia and Indonesia will meet in May to talk about the practice of open burning in Indonesiar that has...
07-Feb-2007 Arid period sparks alert for peat and bush fires
Malaysia is on high alert for peat and bush fires in view of the prolonged dry period until next month.

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