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29-Jan-2016 Malaysia's burning swamps and choking haze
How peat swamp destruction in Malaysia is causing devastating health problems and irreversible environmental damage.
28-Jun-2018 Maludam National Park — pride of Sarawak’s conservation efforts
Sarawak’s Maludam National Park, a globally significant peat swamp is a key part of the US$9.4 million (RM37.7...
09-Oct-2006 Many choose to stay indoors
Joggers, walkers, cyclers and such have temporarily ceased their regular outdoor workouts due to the haze in...
07-Oct-2006 Masks to protect vendors from haze
The worsening haze is affecting everyone, but newspaper vendors who use motorcycles are among those most affected.
10-Oct-2014 MB mahu pemantauan hutan ditingkat elak kebakaran berulang
PUTRAJAYA, 10 OKT: Pemantauan berterusan jabatan terlibat perlu dipertingkatkan bagi mengelakkan kejadian...
10-Feb-2007 Measures to ensure haze-free dry spell
Several measures will be taken with Indonesia to ensure that the trans-boundary haze does not occur that...
17-Aug-2018 Meteorological department on standby mode to implement cloud seeding
KLANG: The Meteorological Department is on standby mode to implement cloud seeding operations if the haze problem...
14-Jan-2016 Ministry braces for El Nino weather and return of haze
PETALING JAYA: The El Nino phenomenon, which is expected to bring higher temperatures and decreased rainfall in...
09-Jun-2009 Ministry, DOE To Monitor Haze Condition With Help From Relevant Agencies
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment hopes to be ready for any eventualities, including the haze, in...
05-Oct-2006 More hazy days
Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia blew across the country, sending air quality to unhealthy levels in 10...
12-Oct-2006 More in Negri seeking medical treatment
The number of patients with respiratory ailments in the state of Negri Sembilan of Malaysia has increased from...
06-Feb-2007 More money sought for equipment
Fresh from spending the RM430 million allocation under the Ninth Malaysia Plan, the Fire and Rescue Department will...
11-Aug-2005 More people facing respiratory problems
This article illustrates an impact from the smoke haze in Malaysia. A few tips to maintain health and reduce the...
19-May-2016 MoU allows relevant parties to work together to achieve objective
THE community in Kuala Selangor are not the only ones responsible for the drop in the number of peat forest fires...
06-Dec-2011 M'sia studying best method of oil palm cultivation on peat land
Malaysia is still studying the best method of cultivation of oil palm on peat land and the type that can be utilised.
19-Aug-2016 Mukah’s peat soil forest has many perpetual benefits
KUCHING: The peat soil forest in Mukah has brought many benefits to the local community over the past 50 years and...
13-Oct-2006 Najib: Set up Asean haze fund
Malaysia has reiterated its call to its Asean partners to pool their resources in a haze fund to fight forest fires.
13-Jun-2016 Natural Resources Ministry studying health, economy and social impact of haze
KUALA LUMPUR: A study on the impact of the haze which enveloped Malaysia last year is still ongoing.
06-Oct-2015 New law against perpetrators soon
Being drafted: Legislation to be similar to S'pore's haze pollution act
09-Oct-2006 No funds, pray for rain
After a fleeting respite on Saturday, shifting winds brought back the haze yesterday. The worst-hit areas were...

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