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22-May-2018 Kebakaran di Paka semakin pulih
Peat fire - Malaysia
22-May-2018 Lebih 100 bomba dikerah padam kebakaran
Bagai berperang di medan pertempuran, seramai 120 pegawai dan anggota bomba dikerah untuk operasi memadam...
Peat fire - Malaysia
21-May-2018 Api Semakin merebak
Kebakaran hutan musnahkan kawasan seluas 27 hektar.
Peat fire - Malaysia
18-May-2018 Greenpeace Cuts Ties With Indonesian Paper Firm Linked to Deforestation
Kuala Lumpur. One of Indonesia's biggest businesses rejected criticism on Thursday (17/05) from Greenpeace, which...
Plantations on peat
14-May-2018 Indonesia enlists plantation companies to ensure haze-free Asian Games
Organizers of the Asian Games in August are wary of the major sporting event being hit by haze from brush and...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
03-May-2018 Indonesia to raise efforts to reduce haze
Vows to introduce measures to prevent blazes in fire-prone peatland areas
Peatland Fire and Haze
03-May-2018 Indonesian government wants to turn haze-causing Mega Rice Project around
The Peatland Restoration Agency is looking at possibilities to develop agriculture on abandoned peat swamps from...
Sustainable use
02-May-2018 UN forest accounting loophole allows CO2 underreporting by EU, UK, US
Scientists warn, however, that their research shows that replacing coal with wood pellets in power plants is not...
Climate Change
30-Apr-2018 UN Climate Change Launches First-Ever Annual Report
UN Climate Change today launched its first-ever Annual Report, laying out the key 2017 achievements and pointing to...
21-Apr-2018 93 experts to attend Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit in Yogyakarta
As many as 93 forestry and environment experts from various countries will attend the 3rd Asia Pacific...
Climate Change
16-Apr-2018 WWF-Malaysia releases reports on the comparison between RSPO and MSPO Certification Schemes and assessment of the MSPO Certification Scheme
Based on this commitment and the push for more certified plantations, smallholders, buyers and manufacturers of...
11-Apr-2018 Brunei at the forefront of peatland conservation
THERE has been major progress in the initiatives for conservation and sustainable management of peatlands in...
10-Apr-2018 Alue Dohong: Restoring peatlands, empowering communities
Technical training for peatland communities is key to livelihood and landscape improvement
Peatland restoration
06-Apr-2018 Indonesia peatland swap plan questioned over deforestation risk
An Indonesian plan to curb the commercial use of peatlands, by swapping nearly 1 million hectares of...
Indonesia-Peatland,Haze and Fire
06-Apr-2018 Firms to be tested on fire readiness
Jakarta to assess pulp and paper companies as part of land-swop move to curb the haze
Plantations on peat
05-Apr-2018 Mangroves: Unsung Allies in the Climate Change Fight
These ecosystems are massive carbon sinks, taking in and storing excess carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and...
Carbon conservation
30-Mar-2018 Study: Indonesia’s ambitious peat restoration initiative severely underfunded
Indonesia will need an estimated $4.6 billion to restore some 20,000 square kilometers (7,720 square miles) of...
Peatland Management
29-Mar-2018 ‘Smoke on Water’ Report Spurs Partnership to Protect Largest Tropical Peatland
The Brazzaville Declaration, signed by the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Republic of Congo, and...
28-Mar-2018 Draining peatlands gives global rise to greenhouse laughing-gas emissions
Drained fertile peatlands around the globe are hotspots for the atmospheric emission of laughing-gas -- a...
GHG emissions
26-Mar-2018 Rising carbon emissions
IF the world wants to avoid drastic global warming this century, we’ll need to reduce our greenhouse gas...
Carbon Emissions

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