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Peatland News

Title: Ministry of Public Works Signs MoU with BRG to Accelerate Restoration of Peatland
Date: 04-Sep-2017
Category: Indonesia
Source/Author: Netral News
Description: Peatland ready to be restored as functional area.

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – The Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing is accelerating the process of restoring hydrological functions of degraded peat due to fires in 2015.

The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) and the Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing are conducting an MoU to speed up the process, in addition to previous cooperation without an MoU.

Minister of Public Works Basoeki Hadimoeljono said the MoU is prioritized to expedite physical work, so there are working groups (Pokja) able to procure goods and services to help BRG.

He added that the main thing to emphasize is the execution of physical work, so that Ministry of Public Works' River Basin Agencies (Balai Wilayah Sungai) can support the physical implementation of peat restoration.

"They by themselves have a formal basis for working with BRG to build a canal block in Sumatra and Kalimantan," Basoeki said in a press release on Monday (9/4/2017).

BRG Head Nazir Foead said there was already an agreed working area planning for the restoration of peat hydrology with the Directorate General (DG) of Water Resources at the Ministry of Public Works, for example in Central Kalimantan. Recovery of hydrology of peatland there is done by using Budget Implementation List (DIPA) of BRG, there is also using DIPA of Ministry of Public Works.

MoU signed by BRG Deputy for Construction, Operation and Maintenance (KOP) Alue Dohong and Director General of Water Resources at the Ministry of Public Works Imam Santoso agreed on coordination and synchronization of detailed peat restoration locations, data and information exchange, peat restoration planning, peat restoration construction implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Nazir said the budget for the construction of peat restoration area of nearly 2.5 million hectares (ha) in five years is enormous. Therefore, the implementation is not only done by the government using the State Budget but also the donor and private sector's with technical directions remain from the government.

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