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Title: Haze Watch May Issue: Heart Matters
Date: 05-May-2017
Category: Bulletin/Newsletter
Source/Author: P.M. Haze
Description: Update from PM Haze, Singapore

Empowering People to Stop the Haze

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Did you know? Fighting haze protects our hearts from deadly pollution

Dear Azura,

Haze has just been shown to be a literally heart-breaking disaster. A recent study led by Singapore General Hospital (SGH) found that the risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest increased by 30% when the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) level entered the unhealthy range of above 100. In addition, with every 30-point increase in PSI levels, there’s an additional risk of 5% to 19%.

In any case, prevention is always better than cure. This is why preventing fire on the ground and creating demand for sustainable palm oil and paper products that promotes haze-free practices through the supply chain is crucial to stopping the haze. 

Here’s what you can do straight away to help prevent the fire support  our ground solutions projects in Indonesia and Malaysia in the coming months: bit.ly/helpstophaze






Who is deforesting?

PM.Haze investigators used the CIFOR atlas to check concessions in Borneo for deforestation.The team discovered deforestation in one concession in South Kalimantan. You can view the change of landscape from the image below. We have sent a request to the company of interest and we are waiting for further clarification. We hope more will join our next research jam to find the culprit, as very little can be done to stop the fire from spreading once the forests are gone.






Organisational Updates


Blue Leadership programme 

A total of 25 bright-eyed and eager youths participated in our first 2 BLUE Basics workshops on advocacy. Read all about the uplifting experiences at Blue Basics Workshops on learning to advocate for change! Read more



Volunteer Spotlight


Tessa has volunteered for PM.Haze for almost an year! "If PM.Haze was an animal, it would be an octopus because it is intelligent, flexible and has many arms that do many different things at once."

Read more about Tessa's experience.



Upcoming Events 



People's Expedition to Experience Peat (PEEP) -18-22 May
Count down to our PEEP trip to Riau this May! Thank you for your generous donation of your time and money to make this trip happen! Please stay tuned for the post-trip reports!

Learn more at pmhaze.org/PEEP



News Analysis


EU's regulatory push escalates palm oil sustainability issues

The Parliament of the EU passed a resolution that calls to source 100% sustainable palm oil by 2020. Understandably the response from the major palm oil producing countries, especially Indonesia and Malaysia, has been quite strong.

Read more




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