Peat Resource Person Details
Category: Individual
Salutation: Dr
Name: Le Phat Quoi
Nationality: Vietnam
Age: 59
Title/Designation: Head of Natural Resources Division
Organization/Company Name: Institute for Environment and Natural Resources
Organization/Company Address: 142 To Hien Thanh Street, Dist. 10
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Current Working Location: Vietnam
Telephone: Office:
Mobile: +84903613977
Languages: English
Qualifications: Ecology and soil science
Focal Area of Interest: Research
Years of Peat Related Working Experience: 17
Field of Peat Related Expertise/Specializations:
Please tick where applicable
Water Management
Biodiversity Assessment
Soil Science
Climate Change & Adaptation
Country(ies) that you have Worked in the SEA Region: Cambodia
Peat Related Professional Experience/History: Agronomy and soil classification.
Nature conservation: ecology and biodiversity.
Publication(s): (If any)
Social Networking ID: