Peat Resource Person Details
Category: Individual
Salutation: Dr
Name: Peter Van Der Meer
Nationality: Netherlands
Age: 56
Title/Designation: Senior Scientist
Organization/Company Name: Alterra Wageningen University & Research
Organization/Company Address: P.O.Box 47
6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands
Current Working Location: Netherlands
Telephone: Office: +31 317 485859
Mobile: +31 6 5131 2665
Languages: English
Qualifications: 1995        Ph.D. (Agriculture & Environmental Sciences)
1988        M.Sc. (Tropical Forestry)
Focal Area of Interest: Research
Years of Peat Related Working Experience: 17
Field of Peat Related Expertise/Specializations:
Please tick where applicable
Biodiversity Assessment
Carbon Assessment
Country(ies) that you have Worked in the SEA Region: Indonesia
Peat Related Professional Experience/History: Long term experience as researcer and project leader in area of sustainable management of peat swamp forests; forest ecology; ecology and management of Ramin (Gonystylys bancanus), carbon stocks, REDD+ & MRV, ecosystem goods and services, peat rehabilitation
Publication(s): (If any) Vaessen, T.; Verwer, C.; Demies, M.; Kaliang, H.; Meer, P.J. van der 2011. Comparison of termite assemblages along a landuse gradient on peat areas in Sarawak, Malaysia. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 23 (2). - p. 196 - 203.

Verwer, C.C.; Meer, P.J. van der, 2010. Carbon pools in tropical peat forest : towards a reference value for forest biomass carbon in relatively undisturbed peat swamp forests in Southeast Asia. Wageningen, Alterra (Alterra-rapport 2108).

Verwer, C., P.J. van der Meer, and G.J. Nabuurs. 2008. Review of carbon flux estimates and other greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm cultivation on Tropical peatlands - Identifying the gaps in Knowledge. Alterra-rapport 1731, ISSN 15667197.

Van der Meer, P.J. Kunne, P.L.B., Brunsting, A.M.H., Dibor, L.A., Jansen, P.A. 2008. Evidence for Scatter-hoarding in a Tropical Peat Swamp Forest in Malaysia. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 20(4): 147–155.
Van der Meer, P.J., Chai, F.Y.C., Hillegers, P.J.M. and K.G. Pearce.

2005. Sustainable Management of Peat Swamp Forests of Sarawak with special reference to Ramin. Technical Report. Alterra, Wageningen UR, Sarawak Forest Department, Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Kuching. March 2005. 739 pp.

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