Peat Resource Person Details
Category: Individual
Salutation: Ms
Name: Zoe Ryan
Nationality: Australia
Age: 40
Title/Designation: Forest Carbon Specialist
Organization/Company Name: Fauna & Flora International
Organization/Company Address: Fauna & Flora International
Jupiter House, 4th Floor
Station Road
Cambridge, CB1 2JD
Current Working Location: Australia
Telephone: Office: +614390001631
Mobile: +614390001631
Languages: English
Qualifications: B.Sc
Focal Area of Interest: Technical
Years of Peat Related Working Experience: 11
Field of Peat Related Expertise/Specializations:
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Carbon Assessment
Country(ies) that you have Worked in the SEA Region: Indonesia
Peat Related Professional Experience/History: Zoe Ryan is a Registered Professional Forester with eleven years experience in research, design and implementation of forest carbon projects. As the Senior Forest Carbon Specialist under the Fauna & Flora International/BioCarbon partnership, Zoe provides technical oversight of a series of REDD projects located in Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America. She is responsible for design and implementation of forest inventory, vegetation classification, baseline forecasts, forest monitoring, data analysis and writing of the Project Document in accordance with the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). She has experience working with a range of forest carbon project types including REDD (both unplanned and planned deforestation); Improved Forest Management; and Afforestation, Reforestation and Deforestation. Her projects cover a range of forest types including tropical lowland rainforest, peat swamp forest, miombo woodland and mangroves.
Zoe was appointed to the VCS Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Steering Committee in 2011, as well as to the expert review panel for Peat Rewetting and Conservation (PRC) projects, and the Jurisdictional and Nested REDD Initiative. She is an Honorary Fellow at the School of Forestry and Ecosystem Science at the University of Melbourne, where she lectures in the Forestry Masters program.
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