Site Nomination for Peat Site Profiles in Southeast Asia
Protected Area
Name of Site: Thale Noi Wildlife Non-Hunting Area (draft)
Country: Thailand
GPS Point: Latitude: 7° 15' N - 8° 01' N Longitude: 100° 09' E - 100° 15' E
Location & Access: Knuankhanun District, Pattalung Province;
Ranod District, Songkhla Province;
Huasai District; Nakhon Si Thammarat Province;
Total Area: 45700.00 hectare(s)
Background of Site: Thale Noi is a wetland that comprises of permanent freshwater swamp forests and a lake that is separated from Thale Luang, the main water body of Songkhla Lake.
The swamp forests cover an area of 42,900 ha while the lake covers about 2,800 ha.
Significant Value of Site:
- Biodiversity
- Hydrology
- Soil/Carbon
- Cultural & Historical Value
- Socio-economic
Designated use (status/legal classification):
- International recognition (e.g RAMSAR| Man & Biosphere Reserve (MBR) etc.)|Wildlife Reserve

Khuan Khi Sian of Thale Noi Non-hunting Area is a listed RAMSAR site since May 13th, 1998.
Declared as a wildlife non-hunting area, by Section 167 of the 99th issue of the Royal Decree, on April 29th, 1975.
Major Issues: Encroachment for settlements and agriculture.
Under threat from hunting.
Discharge of domestic solid waste and waste water.
Aquaculture activities.
Site Jurisdiction & Administration: The wetland is state owned and open to public use; surrounding areas are mainly private small-holdings.
The entire area is incorporated within the Thale Noi Non-Hunting Area.
The Melaleuca forest has the status of National Reserve Forest, so that cutting is forbidden in law.
Peatland Type: Lowland
Management activities: a) Past
The reserves forests cover an area of about 4923 ha which is about 11% of the total area. The remaining areas were occupied by privately owned land, public land and unoccupied areas.

b) Current

c) Potential

Facilities & Activities Available on Site:
Institution Responsible for the Site:
Name of Organization: Department of Natural Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation
Postal Address: 61 Pholyothin Road, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
Phone: +66-0-2561-0777
Fax: +66-0-2579-6666
Nominated by:
Name: Khairul Azwan Mohamad
Organization: Global Environment Centre