Site Nomination for Peat Site Profiles in Southeast Asia
Protected Area
Name of Site: Phru Kan Tulee
Country: Thailand
GPS Point: Latitude: 9° 41’ – 42’ Longitude: 99° 07’ – 08’
Location & Access: Kun sub-district, Thachana district, SuratThani province; some parts of Lamae district, Chumphon province
Total Area: 140.00 hectare(s)
Background of Site: Phru Kan Tulee (Kan Tulee Peat swamp forest) is a small basin lying from north to south, roughly 4 kilometers inland from the eastern shoreline of the southern region. The area is a swamp forest recently regenerating from logging. Lower plain forests have replaced some parts of the swamp forest, however. Chavala and Tae mountains form the natural boundary of the area. Chavala mountain is a limestone hill reaching approximately 90 meters above sea level and is located northeast of Phru Kan Tulee, while Tae mountain, which is roughly 80 meters above sea level, is situated south of the area. The areas surrounding the peat swamp forest slope downwards to the swamp, with their height of between 10 to 18 meters above sea level. The height at the center of the swamp is 0-1 meters above sea level. The swamp thus acts as catchment for water from the surrounding land. Water in the swamp is relatively acidic with a high nutrient content. Klong Kord (meaning narrow canal), located in the northeastern part of the swamp, is the only route for discharging water into the Gulf of Thailand.
The swamp is the source of water supply for both human consumption and agriculture by local communities. The area is also the habitat of plant, wildlife and aquatic animal species, which are harvested by local villagers. Furthermore, the villagers collect mushrooms and herbal plants for own consumption as well as for generating extra income. There is also fishing in the area.

Significant Value of Site:
- Biodiversity
- Socio-economic
Designated use (status/legal classification):
- Watershed/Water Catchment

Others: Socio-economic purpose
Major Issues: Phru Kan Tulee has been disturbed and is under threat from encroachment for agriculture, contamination by agricultural chemicals and land acquisition by investors who intend to convert the area into oil palm plantations.
Site Jurisdiction & Administration: Sub-district Administration Organization, Ministry of Interior
Peatland Type: Lowland
Management activities: a) Past
More than 30 years ago,the trees were burned to clear land for rice field and rambutan plantations.

b) Current
The villagers have jointly formed the “Phru Kan Tulee Conservation Group” to conserve and manage the swamp. The group is operated under the common understanding that the swamp is the common property of the Communities, and thus needs to be used in a sustainable manner and properly maintained by its users.

c) Potential

Facilities & Activities Available on Site:
Institution Responsible for the Site:
Name of Organization: Khan Tulee Sub-district Administration Organization
Postal Address: Thachana district, Surat Thani province 84170
Phone: +667 738 1967
Fax: +667 738 1968
Nominated by:
Name: Ms. Tippawan Sethapun
Organization: Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation