Site Nomination for Peat Site Profiles in Southeast Asia
Protected Area
Name of Site: Kalaw
Country: Myanmar
GPS Point: Latitude: 20° 38' 0? Longitude: 96° 34' 0?
Location & Access: Located at the region of hill town in ShanState, at Taunggyi District
Total Area: 2460.49 hectare(s)
Background of Site: Throughout the month of July daytime temperatures will generally reach temperature of around 32°C. At night the average minimum temperature drops down to around 23°C. In recent times the highest recorded temperature in July has been 37°C, with the lowest recorded temperature of 21°C.
Precipitation could be higher amount during the month of April to October.

Significant Value of Site:
- Biodiversity
- Socio-economic
Designated use (status/legal classification):
- Watershed/Water Catchment

Major Issues: The locals depend on agriculture for their livelihood, but sadly, farming practices here are not sustainable. As recently as 30 years ago, tigers could still be hunted in this area resulting in none left.
Site Jurisdiction & Administration: Kalaw is a hill town in the Shan State of Burma. It is located in Kalaw Township in Taunggyi District
Peatland Type: Upland
Management activities: a) Past

b) Current
Young tourism professionals from Kalaw have created an elephant conservation project to protect the Asian elephant and provide a sustainable livelihood for locals.

The remaining “Reserve Forest” has only been protected because an important water reservoir is located within it.

c) Potential

Facilities & Activities Available on Site:
Institution Responsible for the Site:
Name of Organization: Forest Department, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry
Postal Address: Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Bldg. 39, Forest Department Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
Phone: +95 67 405002
Fax: +95 67 405397
Website: -
Nominated by:
Name: nurhayati binti hassan
Organization: GEC