Site Nomination for Peat Site Profiles in Southeast Asia
Best Management Practices Site (BMP)
Name of Site: Htu-In, Myan Aung Township, Ayeyarwady Region
Country: Myanmar
GPS Point: Latitude: E 95 deg. 20' Longitude: N 18 deg.20'
Location & Access: Located in Htu village tract, Myan Aung Township, Ayeyarwady Region,
Total Area: 502.00 hectare(s)
Background of Site: Htu-In (Htu Lake), is one of the historical places for the local people who are living at the villages along the margin of the lake. It has a long history which connected to Buddhist religion. It is also the biggest lake among more than 70 lakes in Myan Aung township. There are seven villages located along the margin of the lake. However, 19 villages (about 1256housdhold) are depending their livelihood on the lake and its surrounding paddy farms and fish pounds.
Significant Value of Site:
- Biodiversity
- Hydrology
- Soil/Carbon
- Cultural & Historical Value
- Socio-economic

The lake has significant environmental value due to its high biodiversity and invaluable ecosystem services. The lake also provides essential resources to the local populations through food, shelter and water for household use and livelihoods.
Some areas of the margin of the lake are transformed into paddy field and fish ponds.

Habitats: Much of the lake is covered with a luxuriant growth of submerged and floating mats composed mainly of grasses.

Flora: The flora of the lake is very diverse and has a very high biomass.

Arundo donax L
Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites
Eragrostis minor Host
Cyperus pangorei Rottb.
Ludwigia adscendens (L.) H. Hara
Amomum croynostachyum Wall.
Glochidion spp.
Nelumbo nicifera Gaertn.
Eichhorinia crassipes (Mart.) Solms
Colocasia affnis Schott
Enhydra fluctuans Lour
Monochoria vaginalis (presl) Kunth
Limnocharis flava (L.) Buchenau

Birds: Dendrocygna javanica, Porphyrio policephalus policephalus, Phalacrocorax niger, Gallinula chloropus, Heliopais personata, Phalaeroeorax earbo sinensis, Egretta garzetta garzetta, Andeola grayii

Fishes: Channa striata, Heteropnestes fossilis, Clarias barrachus, Wallago attu, Notopterus notopterus, Anabas testudineus, Oreochromis niloticas, Monopterus albus, Xenetondon cancila, Mystus vittatas, Ompok Pabo, Colisa fasciata, Puntinus chola, Botea berdmorei, Penacus merguinensis

There are ancient pagodas at the central island of the lake and margin villages.
Designated use (status/legal classification):
- Community Conservation Area/Forest

Major Issues: Some area of peat soil were already degraded and transformed into paddy field and fish ponds. Sustaining the lake is essential to sustain local community's livelihoods and sources of incomes, as well as maintaining a national asset.
Site Jurisdiction & Administration: State owned land and some margin areas of the lake are granted to farmers and fish ponds owners.
Peatland Type: Lowland
Management activities: a) Past

b) Current
As the lake margin areas are transformed into paddy field and fish ponds, the peatland in this area are already degraded. However, the Lake still has untouched peatland area. So, it is necessary to conserve the untouched peatland of the Lake and needed to provide the livelihood of local people who are living the margin of the lake.

c) Potential

Facilities & Activities Available on Site:
Institution Responsible for the Site:
Name of Organization: Settlement and Land Record Department (SLDR)
Postal Address: Myan Aung Township
Ayeyarwady Region
Phone: + 95 1 243827
Fax: + 95 1 243827
Nominated by:
Organization: Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA)