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  Value of Peatlands in Thailand

Multiple uses of peatland in Thailand

Direct Uses
  • Large fishing grounds for villagers
  • Collecting wild fruits, such as rambutan, or wild mango; the fruit serves either for personal consumption or making income by selling it
  • Collecting Sago palm leaves and gathering larvae from the tree trunks
  • Collecting wild natural honey
  • Collecting mushrooms, especially Melaleuca mushrooms
  • Leaves for creating flower decorations
  • Leaves of Nepholepis radicans and othr species for cooking
  • Leaves of Licuala sp. for wrapping food
  • Grounds for collecting ornamental fish
  • Source of firewood, processed timber and trees for general purposes
  • Source of organic soils used for growing seedlings
  • Cultivation plot for plants like palm oil
  • Source of rare medicinal plants
  • Large water retntion area used for irrigation or household use
  • Source of seeds
  • Source of fragrant flowering plants, ornamental plants and rare, valuable plants
  • Animal raising area
  • Source of rattan and other plants for making basketry
Indirect Uses
  • Breeding ground and habitation of wildlife species
  • Serving as large storage area of carbon to regulate global ecology
  • Source of conservation sites for flora and fauna genes
  • Serving as a large water intake and flood prevention
  • Minimizing the impact of strong winds
  • Field for study and research
  • Attrction for eco-tourism