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Currently, two projects are being implemented to support the implementation of regional and national strategies for sustainable management of peatlands forests in Southeast Asia and the incorporation of peatland management into policies and plans related to forest and land-related resources to mainstream peatland forests. The two projects which complement each other and are co-funded are:

Rehabilitation and Sustainable Use of Peatland Forests in Southeast Asia (known as “ASEAN Peatland Forests Project”)
Sustainable Management of Peatland Forest in Southeast Asia (known as “SEApeat Project”)

Both projects are implemented under the framework of the ASEAN Peatland Management Strategy (APMS) 2006 – 2020 which was indorsed at the Ministerial Level by the 10 ASEAN countries in November 2006. The project actions provide guidance to ASEAN Member States for climate change funding mechanisms for the reduction of peatland deforestation and degradation to benefit local communities via climate mitigation and adaption funds, REDD mechanism and voluntary carbon funds, through the finalisation of National Action Plans for peatland forest, it also contributes to the development of a cross-sectoral/integrated approach to reduce deforestation and combat forest degradation.