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Title: Many choose to stay indoors
Date: 09-Oct-2006
Category: Malaysia
Source/Author: New Straights Times (Malaysia)
Description: Joggers, walkers, cyclers and such have temporarily ceased their regular outdoor workouts due to the haze in Malaysia from the Indonesian fires.

KUALA LUMPUR: Some Malaysians have recently been forced to spend less time outdoors.

Freelance writer Ng Shwu Huey loves to cycle but since the return of haze, has found being outdoors uncomfortable.

"I usually cycle at night because I work during the day, but I stopped cycling for a week because of the haze. Then I tried cycling on Saturday night but it was simply impossible," she said.

Ng also went out cycling with her friends yesterday but had to cut her ride short.

Company director Yee Lai Lin of Gombak has opted to forgo her daily walks due to the haze.

"It’s normally very refreshing early in the morning, but now there’s an unpleasant smell in the air where I live."

Yee and her husband have not taken their 45-minute walks for the past two days.

Avid jogger S. Roshan has resorted to using his treadmill since Thursday.

"I prefer to jog outdoors but I’ve decided not to until the haze clears. I’m content to run indoors for the time being."

"If I run outdoors, all I’ll be doing is breathing in the dust and smoke." 

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