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28-Oct-2016 ‘Let us better manage peatlands’
PETALING JAYA: International researchers and environmental NGOs are calling for better management of tropical peatland.
25-Oct-2016 WWF: State’s peat forests need our help
KUCHING: Sarawak’s remaining peat swamp forests must be conserved to ensure that their unique ecosystem, species...
17-Oct-2016 Turn Setiu Wetlands into a state park
WWF-Malaysia presented important findings at the Setiu Wetlands Scientific Expedition Seminar 2016 last...
05-Oct-2016 Tasik Berombak penemuan baharu UMT
BANDAR PERMAISURI - Daerah Setiu bakal mempunyai tarikan baharu apabila Tasik Berombak yang terletak di kawasan...
26-Sep-2016 For peat’s sake!
IN previous years, the International Peat Congress has been held in North American or European countries, but this...
24-Sep-2016 Protect our peat swamps
19-Sep-2016 Haze: Thank the rain, wind and Indonesians
SIBU: Malaysia has been spared trans-boundary haze this time by three key factors: rain, wind, and rapid action by...
17-Sep-2016 Special Report:Making Malaysia Better:Soot, sweat and tears
IN September last year, Southeast Asia was struck by arguably the worst haze of the decade. The episode, which...
10-Sep-2016 環境專家:民眾亂拋點燃林火 一根煙蒂可引發煙霾
07-Sep-2016 Building roads on peatland a major challenge — Fadillah
KUCHING: Vast areas of peatland is one of the challenges faced in the construction of highways in the state,...
02-Sep-2016 Haze: M’sia to adopt PM2.5 API system by end 2017
Upgrading work on the system is being carried out at 53 air quality monitoring stations still using the PM10 system.
01-Sep-2016 'Get tough on Indonesia's haze, demand compensation'
PAS' Kuala Nerus MP Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali said it is time that the government gets tough on Indonesia and...
31-Aug-2016 Open burning ban vital to fight haze: Wan Junaidi
PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia's effort to fight haze will become more difficult if Indonesia does not fully enforce the ban...
21-Aug-2016 Waterbomber ready for Sumatra mission
PETALING JAYA, Aug 22 — As the haze continued to worsen air quality in the Klang Valley, the government said yesterday...
20-Aug-2016 Indonesia turns down Malaysian help to curb fires
Environment minister Wan Junaidi says Indonesia has been taking intensive efforts to deal with forest fires since...
20-Aug-2016 Peatland is state’s last frontier of arable land — Awg Tengah
KUCHING: Peatland has been called the last frontier of arable land in Sarawak, which holds the key to realise the...
19-Aug-2016 Coastal land clearing questioned
I WAS the first to wholeheartedly support our Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem when he said last year that we...
19-Aug-2016 Oil palm planting on peat soil handled well, says Uggah
KUCHING: The government handles oil palm plantations on peat soil responsibly through all means and approaches to...
19-Aug-2016 Mukah’s peat soil forest has many perpetual benefits
KUCHING: The peat soil forest in Mukah has brought many benefits to the local community over the past 50 years and...
18-Aug-2016 Problematic Peatlands Can Be Developed, Says NREB's Sawal
KUCHING, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- With the advent of scientific, technological innovations and good management practices,...

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